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Tシャツ:ユナイテッドアスレ 6.2 オンス プレミアム Tシャツ



This is an original T-shirt created with an eraser stamp for the "Encouragement of Leisure" logo.

Since each T-shirt is made with a handmade stamp, the color intensity and the degree of gradation will differ from each other.

Various colors are stamped on white fabric.

Please understand that it will take a while to deliver the T-shirt (s) since they are made to order.

Please expect 1-2 weeks for domestic orders and 1-2 months for international orders, at the quickest.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the "Encouragement of Leisure" social giving program.


T-shirt: United Athle 6.2 oz Premium T-shirt

Please pay separately for mailing costs.

余暇のすすめ Tシャツ Encouragement for Leisure T-shirt

  • 注文数、重量、郵送先によっては、料金を再度、ご相談させていただくこともありますので、ご了承ください。

    Please note that depending on numbers of products, the weight and the receipient's country, the shipping cost will need to be recaluculated and charged accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

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