Keijiro Suzuki - contemporary artist / designer / cultural organizer 

鈴木啓二朗 - 現代美術作家 / デザイナー / 文化事業者 



Researching unfamiliar facts and unrecorded incidents in history with anthropological approaches and literal references, I create works to explore perspectives to cultural diversity and worldviews under my conceptual interpretations. With this, I presented meanings emerging among “facts”, “records”, and, “fictions”.

Through my fieldwork as an anthropological approach, I collect found objects, pictures, stories and I visually and conceptually interpret their symbolic meanings. As a result, unique relationships in these meanings emerge, which I call “visual rhetoric”, and I develop my works with it. With this method, I express some abstractions, contradictions, truth and myth by liberating and mystifying these defined things in these collected found objects and stories. 

Also, I apply, abstract, and conceptualize materials and resources unique in areas where I visit during my fieldtrips for my production of installations, videos and projects. I explore development of conceptual worldviews and attempt to visualize the conceptually parallel world.




 © 2018 by Keijiro Suzuki

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