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Attempts_in_nameless_days... (at Patrick Geddes Learning Festival in Edinburgh)



(at Patrick Geddes Learning Festival in Edinburgh)


Community Project &  Video, 1 minute

This project was based on three theories; “Valley Section” by Patrick Geddes, “the Law of Success” by Napoleon Hill and “Relational Aesthetics” by Nicholas Baurriaud. By referring to “Valley Section”, Suzuki explored various tools, occupations and the associating stories and items by different altitudes from seashore to mountain area. By “the Law of Success”, he wrote a plan and worked with cooperators with trials and errors to examine the power of imagination, writing and pragmatic approach to our world. And finally, by “Relational Aesthetics”, he created a unique situation for the audience/participants as artistic practice.

Attempts in nameless days… first took place in Kimachi house, Yamaguchi city, Japan in 2014. It was a series of self-imposed tasks that requires some kind of collaborations and cooperation. The video in this exhibition shows a smaller version of the project that tool place during Patrick Geddes Learning Festival in Edinburgh in the end of September. They are listed below. The video shows a few of these tasks.

- Identify your locations

- A Group photo

- Drawing self-portrait in circle

- Writing “Patrick Geddes” in signature form

- Decorate the entrance with “Patrick Geddes” Signature

- Selfee with Patrick Geddes relief

- Decorate “By Leaves We Live” with fallen leaves


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