Embodiments of Constellation with dedication to spirits without names...


Video (16 mins 46 secs)  and Installation


curated by Daniel Kurjakovic


“Embodiments of Constellation with Dedication to Spirits without names...” is a video work consisting of actions and items. The items were collected to form a particular story. Each action was generated by inspiration from each item. It was an attempt to explore new method of expression and also to explore what my appearance may evoke in a film.

It is about a story by a man. It is a story of monologue with rituals. It reflects culture where he lives, the space of his mindscape. It is an amalgam of believes, specula­tions, perspectives, mythology and the universe that vaguely construct his world. The man is the source for all those stories, and vice verse. They relate to each other through associations, interpretations and imaginations that con­struct his world. Greek mythology, Shintoism, Japanese Manga, shadow pup­pet, forgotten cave drawings, a historical Moroccan traveler, visual cognition test and African fabrique among others are the references for this story. The intentional use and misuse of such meanings and references take you to the secret space of his allegory.