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Hospital Art


綜合病院 山口赤十字病院 ホスピタル・アート
綜合病院 山口赤十字病院北病棟の新築及び東病棟の一部改装にあたり、山口赤十字病院、地域の芸術団体、建設業者が協力し、近年、医療現場で注目されているホスピタル・アートを導入したプロジェクトです。

General Hospital Yamaguchi Red Cross Hospital Hospital Art
Yamaguchi Basin “Story of Symbiosis"
Yamaguchi Red Cross Hospital Hospital, a local art group, and a construction company cooperated in this project to introduce hospital art, which has been attracting attention in the medical field in recent years, to the new construction of the north ward and partial renovation of the east ward of the hospital.
As a member of the Yamaguchi Institute of Contemporary Arts (YICA), I was involved in this project.






Circulation of Life (Sun, Rain, Clouds)
A mechanism to imagine the balance between nature and mankind and the cycle of life.

Styrofoam, wood, acrylic paint, etc.
Size variable

This work was created in the hope that these pieces, which move and switch the front side and the backside by the flow of air, will remind us of the cycle of life, which we are not usually visually aware of.






Birds flying away
Imagining local nature and traditions, playing with hands

2023, Tokuji Washi paper, acrylic bar, synthetic fiber thread, etc.
Size variable

Three flying birds made of origami technique, which is familiar to children and adults alike, were created as a mobile. Using Tokuji Washi paper made at Chijimatsu Washi Studio in Tokujii, Yamaguchi City, the rich natural environment and traditional culture that has continued uninterruptedly were expressed while preserving the materiality and natural colors of the local resources.






The moon in a blue sky seen in a faraway land
Imagination of faraway places and journeys, the pleasure of looking at the sky and photographing it.

2023, flag, acrylic bars, synthetic fiber thread, etc.
Size variable

Everyone has their desire to go somewhere unknown and the pleasure of imagining it. I created a tapestry with a picture of the sky as an opportunity for people to imagine such pleasure.






The Transition of Rainbows and Mountains
A place to present works and enjoy colors and shapes

2023, styrofoam, gesso, acrylic paint
size variable

This work is a playful act of changing landscapes through colorful puzzle-block-like objects. I created this work in the hope that it would distract the viewer from his or her illness, even if only a little, through the bright imagination of changing the arrangement and enjoying the different colors on the front and back sides of the work.

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