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To Salvage for Rehabilitations of Living Conditions…

To Salvage for Rehabilitations of Living Conditions…


Research & Video Project

Observing current issues in cities and rural areas internationally, Keijiro Suzuki realized there is imbalance in our contemporary societies all over the world. Concentration of population in cities and lack of younger generation in non-urban communities is a major problem that causes many social issues such as improper living conditions in urban areas. Empathy of and challenges to elder people remain at their homes without promising younger generation.

At this research project, Suzuki focused on potentials of crafts for community revival and seeked cross-cultural solutions by sharing his findings and ideas. The video shows compilations of his research and observations on conditions of local crafts (Weaving, hat making and traditional decoration making) and family-run manufacture industries (Sewing company, Marble quarry, Shoe-making company and Jeepney fabricator) in urban and non-urban settings both in Japan and the Philippines.

The direction of this project was to find effective approaches by referring to and applying those makers’ wisdom in order to fulfill community needs for the self-sustainable living by integrating ideas, designs, materials and fabrications, as well as non-materialistic creations.

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