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Self-Questionnaires for Our Future

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2023、デジタル出版物 / 配布資料


Self-Questionnaires for Our Future
2023, Digital Publication / Handout
Size variable


This work examines your perceptions of the future in comparison of living conditions, values, etc. between Indonesia and Japan in a self-questioner format. The idea emerged from my own experience living in my home country Japan and my trip to Indonesia several times over the last 12 years. Having engaged in cross-cultural conversations with people in both communities, I have gained a quite good sense of life in both countries. What Indonesia is experiencing now and will be experiencing in the future may become similar to What Japan experienced after World War II, which are the rise of the population, high economic growth, and the following super-aged society if my hypothesis were correct. These incidents lead to overpopulation, mass consumption, and sequential pollution that affect all of us in this world besides global warming. So, I hope this “Self-Questionnaires for Our Future” serves as a useful tool to think about our social engagement for sustainability. The supplemental QR code will give the audience quick and easy access to the questionnaires without depending on paper consumption.

Photo by Nugroho Heri Cahyono

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