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Circulation of the Floating World in Equilibrium





Circulation of the Floating World in Equilibrium
2023, Styrofoam, acrylic bar, gesso, acrylic paint, zip ties, fishing line, metal fittings (Swiveles)

During the active period of the hospital, many anxious patients must have visited this room, which still retains the appearance of an operating room. The room, which was once crammed with surgical machines, tools, chemicals, and terminology, is now quiet. The anxiety of the people who passed by, the tools that are no longer in use, and the presence of the remaining buildings remind us of life and death and the floating world. Taking these ideas as inspiration, I attempted to abstract and symbolize them from my own personal interpretation and to express the visual enjoyment of tracing and appreciating lines, shapes, and numbers in this work. I also created this work to explore the effectiveness of hospital art in reducing patients' mental anxiety, which has been the focus of much attention in recent years.

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