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the temporary space


the temporary space

2010 - 

the temporary space is a project space shared by self-motivated, critical and engaging individuals through research and experiments for emergence of alternative and autonomous society. the temporary space seeks engaging, responsible and creative individuals as a collaborative and autonomous participant.

the temporary space aims to create and share critically engaging experiences such as contemporary art exhibitions, experimental music performances, critical visual critiques and publicly engaging projects as basic components. In addition to this, focusing on interdisciplinary practices, the temporary space explores different topics and subjects by research and experiment, as well as by dialogues and discussions. These projects are expected to realize through collaborative efforts by the collaborative participants.

Emerging writer, musician, performance artist, architect, graphic designer, curator, theorist, anthropologist, neuroscientist, mathematician, space engineer and other type of creative people are highly welcomed for the collaborative projects in order to explore meanings of reinvestigation on the world in contemporary framework.

Please be part of collaborative projects to seek for and share your assets for emergence of autonomous and alternative society.

However, the temporary space is currently homeless and seeking a new space!


the temporary space manager

2010 - 









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