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Time travel between prediction and the destiny...

Time travel between prediction and the destiny...



curated by Vyara Mlechevska

“Time travel between prediction and the destiny…” explored concepts of time and space, especially about concept of the past, present and future. It consisted of photographic work, object and video work.

A series of photographs were taken during a flight from Japan to Bulgaria while it was flying against time. Those videos dealt with time and space.

Another work was graffiti on a space blanket. It was about conceptual juxtaposition of time and new materials. The motif was taken from Solar Calendar as a part of cave drawings in Magura cave in Bulgaria.

A video work explored a concept of preestablished harmony by script (a plan) and coincident (happening). What the audience sees in the video is about the associations between implications in the script and appearance of things and situations. All the contents in the video was inspired by a Bulgarian clairvoyant, Baba Vanga who were believed to have an ability to see the future.


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