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Stories of fictitious facts…


Stories of fictitious facts…



“Stories of fictitious facts…” explored a space between facts and fiction based on recorded information.  Starting from a literal description of “Japan” among other fictitious names in Gulliver’s travel by Jonathan Swift, this project questioned perspectives and understanding about our present world through fact and fiction, reality and social norm, about liner thinking (writing) and non-liner thinking (visual) mostly based on recorded materials such as picture, texts article and found objects.

About 13 works were presented through the same logic. However, the topics were diverse. They were about perspective and understanding on particular topics;  A Whole (Evil or Good), Relocated Monkey (human or inhuman), A concept of Nation (Who builds a nation and patriotism?), A life (Future or the past?), A word (Semiotics and the meaning?), memories (inheritance or perceived notion?), original (original or copied?), ritual (secrecy or magic) and so on.

In this installation, I employed a concept of “visual rhetoric” which I came up with. This concept questioned about actual effectiveness through expressions by writings and by visuals. I believed that there were special effects and logics only perceived by visuals upon gained knowledge. And I called it a space between facts and fiction.


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